White Peppercorns

White, black and green pepper are all harvested from the woody, tropical plant Piper nigrum. Contrary to what some believe, Piper nigrum is not related to the Capsicum pepper family (which includes chile peppers and paprika) and their heat also comes from different sources. The spicy flavor that you experience from eating peppercorns comes from Peperine, while the hot heat that you taste when eating a chile pepper comes from Capsaicin.

Native to the monsoon regions of Southeastern Asia, Black Peppercorns are the most common color of peppercorns and are harvested before the berries are fully ripened (and are still green). These berries are then dried using one of two methods. The first takes the berry and boils it before using heat to dry the berries. The second, used by some estates, only uses the sun to dry the peppercorns. The heat used to dry these berries fractures the cell walls of the outer shell, causing it to shrivel and turn a very dark brown.

White peppercorns are berries that are stripped of their outer hull. They are picked near to the time of ripening, when they are yellowish red or red in color. The outer shell is then removed by soaking the peppercorns in water.

Our white peppercorns come from India.Available in 1/2 cup glass jar with shaker top.