Chipotle Salt

We love developing new products and we were inspired to create this one after experimenting with a habanero salt that we felt had just a bit too much heat. The Chipotle chiles give this gourmet seasoning salt a smoky and slightly sweet chocolaty flavor and aroma. We like Chipotle peppers because they have a bit of a kick to them (while not being as overpowering as the habanero) and they register a 7.5 on the 1-10 heat scale.

We liked this seasoning salt best on chicken and fish in our test kitchens and used it more as a finishing seasoned salt than a cooking salt. We do like the reddish color and feel that the visual aspect of the salt adds to the overall presentation and taste of the product (and it’s kind of cool looking sitting on the dinning room table in a glass jar). You’ll also notice the red specs throughout which is from the Chipotle flakes that we use in the seasoning blend.

Hand blended from sea salt and chipotle powder. Available in 1/2 cup glass jar with shaker top.