Therapeutic Oils by Ho'Omana Oils

Ho`omana Skin Salve: 

Created using the RMO, Hawaiian Bees Wax and therapeutic grade essential oils. Great for any skin condition or as a convenient way to carry your RMO with you for pain relief. 

Ho`omana Foot Oil: 

Created using the RMO and organic food grade essential oils to increase circulation and assist in healing, using essential oils known for centuries for their healing capabilities. 

Royal Mana Oil: 

Ho`Omana Base oil used for muscle aches and nerve centers.

Ho`Omana Bone Oil: 

Great massage oil for Bone, Nerve and Tendon damage, designed to get to the root of the problem. Apply with Foot Oil directly where you are experiencing pain.
Ho`Omana Large Kit: 
  • 2 oz of Royal Mana oil
  • 1 oz of Bone Oil
  • 1 oz of Foot Oil
  • 1 Body balm